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Mixer Grease 4oz Bottle


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MixerGrease.com  T-24 Grease:

After disassembling your mixer (there are many good YouTube videos on how to do this) and thoroughly cleaning the gearbox, gears and small parts, the next step is to properly lubricate the mixer. The main goal is to adequately cover all the moving parts in the gear box as well as the planetary assembly.

Mixer Grease T-24 comes in a squeeze bottle to make the initial application of grease to the small parts, as well as getting it into tight spaces of the gearbox easy.
Make sure you have disassembled the small parts of the gear assemblies and that you have cleaned all the old grease off. (Remember to remove the planetary assembly to clean it).
If you do not like using harsh solvents, denatured alcohol or a mild degreaser can be used after the bulk of the old dark grease has been removed using a popsicle stick, putty knife or flat screw driver. (along with plenty of patience and paper towels.)

Start by covering the bearings, washers and bushings with T-24 before reassembling the worm gear assembly. Then cover the other disassembled gears with grease making sure to embed the grease down in the teeth of the gears. Cover the entire part and repeat for all the gears.

After all the gears and small parts have been covered you can squeeze grease down into the crevices of the gearbox. Make sure to fill any spaces where the gears will be sitting.
Then cover the gear shafts with a thin layer of grease, and squeeze grease up into the large planetary gear smoothing the grease into its teeth. Slip the planetary shaft back up into the mixer and add the snap-ring (Some models are different so consult your particular mixer’s parts diagram).
Now you can slip the gears back into place in the gearbox, don’t worry if grease is squeezed out of the mating surfaces as this is desired.

After all the gears and parts have been reassembled, you can now start to put grease into the upper portion of the gearbox cover. Make sure the gear in there has been well covered before replacing it. Squeeze grease into the bushing at the top of the inner surface of the cover as this is where the shaft will rotate. Don’t fill the gear box, but add a good dollop onto the gear and in upper area of the cover.

Now squeeze lots of grease onto the pre-lubed and reassembled gear assembly; this is where the bulk of the grease will sit. You can rotate the gears to ensure the grease gets down into the assembly by turning the motor fan at the back of the mixer. Keep adding grease until the most of the bottle’s contents is on the gear assembly and evenly spread around. If you are having trouble getting the last of the grease out of the bottle, you can shake it vigorously or cut the top of the bottle off and use a popsicle stick to get the last of it out. (The last ½ - 1oz can go into the upper portion of the gear box cover.)  Then smear a thin layer onto the gearbox cover gasket.

Put the gear cover back on and screw down. Reassemble and enjoy your mixer for years to come.

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Mixer Grease 4oz Bottle